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Should I buy a Convection Oven?

Should I buy a Convection Oven?

Conventional ovens cook food by surrounding it with hot air, convection ovens circulate air. Convection ovens have a fan built into the back wall of the oven. When this fan is turned on the fan blows hot air throughout the inside of the oven cavity increasing cooking speed and promoting even heating.

Convection ovens have increased in popularity over the course of the last decade as they provide today's homeowner with added options when baking. And according to American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy convection ovens use 20% less energy.

The addition of air circulating within the oven's cavity transfers heat faster reducing backing time. They also decrease the potential for hot spots that can develop within conventional ovens. Some foods that convection ovens are good for:

  • A quick roast chicken with nice, crispy skin
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Artisan breads
  • Pizza
  • Drying fruits and vegetables
  • Making a lot of cookies at once
  • Biscuits and scones

It is important to remember when considering whether to purchase a convection oven that you do not have to use the convection option. Some foods to bake with a conventional oven:

  • Quickbreads
  • Cupcakes and wet muffin batters
  • Cakes: layers, angelfood, loaf
  • Sandwich breads or sweet yeast baking

Ovens with convection capability will increase an oven's cost at least $100. All in all, if you can afford the increased cost, convection ovens will add to your backing options and are worth the investment.

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